The Rub

I met this guy online and when we met, I was shocked to see he was a midget and stood only four foot one, plus he was bald. I am a normal height at five foot seven and have a full head of hair. But, he was really nice and I had liked him a lot online and over the phone, so I gave him a chance. We got along great and our relationship grew and grew. But, during this time, I became kind of obsessed with his bald head, which I always saw when we were walking together. I really had to control my urges to rub it. Finally one night, I admitted to him that I had a fetish over his beautiful hairless scalp. He allowed me to touch, and then rub it. It was so sensual! He enjoyed it too. We've been married for eight years now and I still rub his head all the time. It's become our secret symbol for "I want you" in our relationship.

— Yvette, 32

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