Like Father, Like Son

I had a rough period of my life where I worked as a stripper and even began doing some escorting. I only escorted for about a year, and then with the money I saved, I got all the way out of the business and went to a local college. In my third year of college, I met this great guy. After a whirlwind relationship, he asked me to marry him. He was in medical school, and my future looked bright and assured. I agreed to marry him and made up my mind that he would never know about my past. Although we were engaged, I had yet to meet his parents. They were wealthy and divorced but still lived close, and his mother arranged an engagement party at their country club where I could meet all of their friends and family. It was a great night, and everything was like a fairytale until I met my fiancé's father, who showed up late. I almost passed out when I saw that he was one of my former clients from my escorting days. He had actually been one of my more regular clients and, truthfully, I had enjoyed both his company and the sex a lot more than is typical. Although he was an older man, he was very fit, well endowed, and very sexually skilled. He recognized me instantly but didn't let on at all. As the night wore on, I started to get over my panic since I could tell that he was not going to expose me. But toward the end of the evening, he slipped up behind me and whispered in my ear, We need to talk." He gave me a slip of paper with his number and said, "Call me tomorrow." The next day, I called him, and we arranged to meet for lunch. Over lunch, he made it very clear that the price for his silence was that he wanted to receive regular services like the escort services I provided years earlier. I didn't know what to do, so I agreed. I then learned that he wanted his first services right then. He took me to a hotel and, for the next couple of hours, had some very intense sex. At that point, I was even more trapped because any confession I made would have to include this infidelity. All of this took place two years ago. I am now married to my guy. He is a great husband and, like his Dad, he is great in bed. He stays very busy with his medical education and career. His Dad keeps me very busy, too, but true to his word, he is very careful about never exposing my past or our relationship. Because my husband is gone so much with his hospital shifts and such, my father-in-law has ample opportunity to be alone with me at our house. My husband thinks nothing of coming home and finding him there. He will often stay the night while my husband pulls a late shift, and this has made for some very long and intense late night sessions with Dad. Many times, Dad is asleep on the couch after doing me all night when my husband gets home and then does me again himself. In fact, it was my husband who made the situation worse by encouraging Dad to come by and stay as often as he could and thanked him for looking after me while he is gone so much. Little does he know, as weird as it sounds, I have gotten comfortable with the situation. My father-in-law is really a good person and one of my best friends. I confide in him a lot. He is also a really great lover. Between him and his son, I am having all the good sex a girl could want. I have a lot of anxiety about it, though. I don't see how it can go on long-term without my husband learning about it. I really love my husband and cannot lose him. My father-in-law swears he will take the secret to his grave. I know I will.

— Amanda, 28

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