Remember Old Times

I've known this guy since high school, and we've been flirting ever since we met. He's really freaky. I've always been attracted to him but not as a boyfriend. We had several classes together. He would always try to kiss me, so I would pretend I didn't like it and back off after he did. Sometimes he would wait for our teacher to walk out of the class, and then he'd tell his best friend to turn off the class lights. Then he would kiss me and touch me. I would just smile and tell him to leave me alone meaning, "Give me some more." We spent the whole year like that until school was over. The year after, I had another class with him, and we would sit next to each other. The class was really cold, so I would always take a sweater. We often found seats really close. As time passed by, I would take my sweater off and cover my knees. So, he slipped in his hand and rubbed my private parts. It was quite the sight for almost the whole class. It would make me so horny, so sometimes I would feel up on him, too. After school ended that year, I saw him at a club. We danced together for almost two hours. We had the best time of our lives there. He did all kinds of stuff under my skirt in the middle of the dance floor. He also talked dirty to me and placed my hand on his pants. Sometimes when I'm bored, I regret that I didn't do more with him, and I hope I see him more often. I do see him once in a while at clubs, so we dance and remember old times.

— Bridget, 20

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