Interested In Trying It Once

I am a twenty-nine-year-old female. I recently went out one night to a club to dance. I go to this club quite often, so I had a few drinks and hit the dance floor. Out of nowhere, this girl, which happened to be very attractive, started rubbing my stomach and trying to put my hands on her chest as she was telling me how hot I was. I was a little surprised by it, but I went with it just to at least give the club some fun for the night. Then, suddenly, there was a guy behind me that, at this point, I realize is her boyfriend. She shoved me up against him and he started grinding on me from behind. So, I instantly knew they wanted to take me home. I have a boyfriend, and I have never had a threesome or been with a girl. They ended up being lost in the crowd after we took a break between songs. She was really drunk. It just seems that after that night, I am more interested in being with a girl at least once. My boyfriend has no idea that I was hit on like that or that I am even curious about being with another female. For some reason, though, it really turns me on when I think about it!

— Marilyn, 29

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