Two Is Better Than One

I caught my husband of twenty-two years in bed with another woman a little over a year ago. Our marriage had been over long before that, and we divorced. I had lost complete interest in sex about six years ago, and I really didn't blame him for going elsewhere for pleasure. After the divorce, I tried dating, but I never really connected with anyone until I met Jonah. Jonah was in his late twenties, handsome, interesting, and we hit it off from the start. I loved being with him, but I still found the sex unsatisfying and was convinced I was the problem. That all changed when Jonah and I and another couple, Richard and Mandy, rented a ski cabin for the week. On the second day, Mandy got an emergency call from her work and had to return home. Richard stayed behind to ski, and that's when things got interesting. The next evening after skiing, we three were sitting around the fire relaxing when Jonah reached over and started fondling my breasts through my shirt. The next thing I knew, Richard was sitting on my other side and he started touching me between my legs and kissing me. In the entirety of my sexual experiences, I had never been so aroused. My head was spinning as I took turns kissing both men, and they took turns taking off my clothes. I was in a haze as both guys took turns pleasing me. I didn't believe the pleasure they gave me was even possible. The rest of the week was amazing. I had two men pleasing me, and now I know for me that two are much better than one.

— Anna, 46

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