Minor League Affair

I am a thirty-year-old married mother, but recently I got an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I'm a chartered accountant, and I do some work for several of the players on a local professional soccer team. It's the premier soccer league in North America, and many of the players are well-paid, not to mention gorgeous. One of them is Marcos, a minor-celebrity footballer in my city who used to play in Europe. Either way, he's twenty-eight, tall, fit, and a hottie. We met before the season started, and he began flirting with me right away. I played hard-to-get at first, but then he boldly started asking me out. He knew I was married, and he didn't care. After talking it over with two of my close girlfriends, I realized I couldn't turn him down. Last weekend, I and some people from my company watched one of his games from a private box. I was so turned on watching him play, and he even scored a goal. Afterwards, because we're a corporate sponsor, we were invited to a VIP cocktail party with the team. Marcos looked so hot in shorts and a tight polo, and after a short chat, we slipped out. We drove to his condo. As soon as we got there, we went at it. It was passionate and uninhibited. He was incredible, very well-endowed, and he went all night. Before I left, he told me, "We need to do this again sometime." I agreed. I think next weekend, even.

— Delilah, 30

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