I am a married, thirty-seven-year-old mom of three. I went to visit my dad in Florida when he had open heart surgery. I stayed at the hotel across the street from the hospital. The hotel had a nice pool, bar area, and hot tub. One night, I had too much to drink. It was late, and I was talking with some guys when I decided I was going to go into the hot tub. They pointed out that I had no bathing suit. I said, "No problem." We had been drinking by the bar, and I walked out to the hot tub. I stripped out of all my clothes and got in. They stood there in disbelief and shock, and they were definitely hopeful. No details, but we had a lot of sex outside and then moved into the hotel. If they have security cameras in the elevator, somebody has a pretty good video. I never told my husband, and I feel guilty. It was a stupid thing to do. It felt good while it lasted, but I should not have lost control.

— Virginia, 37

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