Making Myself His

I had something happen recently that was totally unexpected. I am a forty-three-year-old married female with a daughter who is nineteen. She is dating Ted, who is twenty. They have been seeing each other for over a year and seem to be very serious about each other. A couple of weeks ago, I was alone on a Saturday afternoon. My husband was on a business trip, and my daughter was at work. So, I was a bit surprised when Ted showed up. However, I always enjoyed his company, so I invited him in. He helped me move some things and, all the while, we had some great conversation. Finally, we took a break, and we were sitting in our family room. It was then that Ted started to stroke my hair, telling me how beautiful it was. I must have blushed, and the next thing I knew he leaned into me and kissed me gently on the lips. I was very surprised but didn't stop him. Then, he kissed me again. I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to probe my mouth. I was very confused and excited at the same time. Then, he began kissing my neck and shoulders, and his hand stroked my thigh. Wow! I had not been that turned on in years. I told Ted he should stop, but I didn't take any actions to stop him. If anything, he turned things up still another notch, and I found myself surrendering to his charms. I didn't want him to stop until I was satisfied. Apparently, my new, young lover had no intentions of stopping. He took my hand and led me into my bedroom. Within moments, our clothes were in a heap next to the bed. We then had uninhibited sex for three hours or so. We quit only because it was time for my daughter to come home. In fact, I can say that I gave myself to him and let him do whatever he desired. He was relentless, and I wanted him to enjoy me in whatever way he desired. The sex was wonderful and far better than anything I have experienced with my husband. I know it is wrong, but I am still seeing Ted whenever we can be alone together. I am his to enjoy, and we both know it. As I write this, I am expecting him within a few minutes, and once again I am going to be his.

— Diana, 43

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