Turnabout Is Fair Play

I was dating this guy for almost a year, and I thought everything was great. I was head over heals for him and thought he felt the same way. But then I found out that he was having sex behind my back with a ton of girls. So, instead of breaking it off, I went out to a bar with my friends. While I was there, a really hot guy was hitting on me. I won't deny that I liked all the attention but, as we started dancing, things heated up. He started kissing my neck and soon we were making out. As the night went on, I started getting a little tipsy and left with the guy from the bar. We went back to his place and had hot sex. I felt terrible the next day, so when my boyfriend called, I told him everything. We ended up breaking it off but soon got back together. It was the craziest week I have ever had!

— Tanya, 22

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