I Enjoyed Every Moment

My best friend and I live on the same estate about half a mile from each other. I decided to visit her one evening about six weeks ago as my husband, who is a long distance truck driver, was away for a week on the continent, and I felt a bit lonely. My friend and I are in our early fifties. Her husband answered the door and invited me in. We knew each other well as we all went round in a foursome. In the hall, he informed me that his wife was staying at her mother's for a few days as she wasn't keeping too well. When I made to leave, he suggested I stay for a drink and chat as he hadn't seen me for a while. I agreed. We moved into the living room where I discovered he had a couple of his friends round. They had been watching football on the TV. I also knew them through speaking to their wives on occasions. We were all chatting away. After a few drinks and two hours later, I began to feel a bit woozy and was slurring my speech a little. I stood up to go to the toilet but lost my balance and fell back down on the sofa. The husband helped me up and helped to the bathroom. When I came out, he suggested I lay down on the bed for a while. We went back to the living room and I sat for a while, trying to concentrate on the conversation and not going to sleep. The husband said he was going to take me through to the bedroom and asked his friends to help. It was then I felt their hands wandering all over my body. My jumper was pulled over my head and removed. My bra was uncoupled and taken off followed by my tights and panties. They then stood me up and one of them unzipped my skirt which fell to the ground leaving me naked. I was then taken into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. Then I was pushed back. Suddenly, someone was having oral sex with me. This went on for sometime during which his friends were kissing and fondling me at the same time. I had never experienced this type of sex before, and all that was in my mind by this time was that someone had to have real sex with me and satisfy my need. Eventually, they stopped as they could see the state I was in. They lifted me onto the bed on top of two pillows which had been laid lengthwise so that my lower body was raised slightly. The husband then had full sex with me. I was still a bit frustrated as another person started to have sex with me. He was much bigger endowed, bigger than I had ever experienced. He finally satisfied me. The third man used me for oral sex. Afterwards, I was covered up and allowed to go to sleep. When I woke next morning, although still feeling woozy, I dressed and went home. On reflection, I enjoyed every moment as I felt I had experienced real sexual pleasure for the first time in my life. We still go around in a foursome, and the husband and I meet regularly for sex.

— Victoria, 51

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