I Made A Boo-Boo

I've been happily married to a very sweet man for the past eight years, and we have two wonderful children. Three years ago, I bumped into my oldest best friend and high school sweet heart that I hadn't seen in fifteen years. He is married now and has three kids. Coincidently, his wife was a friend of mine in kindergarten, so I was happy to see her, too! We had a nice, long chat and caught up on the years gone by. But all along the conversion, he was looking at me weirdly and didn't say much. I did the mistake to call him and to talk with him. We ended up exchanging e-mail addresses and chat names. Since then, for the past year and a half we've chatted every day and sometimes even had safe cyber sex for fun. Eventually, we met up and slept together for old times' sake. The thing is that we couldn't get enough of each other and ended up sleeping together a few more times. After the summer vacation, I decided it was enough. The relationship was too stressful and too emotional on his part, and it was not good for either of us! We talked about it and decided that we better not have any more sex. We decided that we should just stay friends. We are really good friends, and he is friends with my husband now, too. I love my husband and have no intention of breaking my marriage. He feels the same. I wonder if it is possible to stay friends, or if should I play it safe and completely cut off all contact. I've made a booboo out of it all and I'm a bit confused.

— Ophelia, 32

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