A Society Of Sociopaths

There are sociopaths and narcissists out there. Look for them talking badly about their ex and about money and having a very shallow conversation with you. Do they talk about themselves a lot and their business and have few hobbies and interests except for work and you? Do they say cute things to get you to a hotel room too quickly and do they propose too quickly? Are they almost too schmucky and in a fantasy world about the two of you? Are they outside of the box, taking chances with risky behavior? Do they talk about their children in a shallow way and you can't see true affection for them? When you wonder if you know them enough for sex, do they say that you do know them? What is your instinct? Do they have superficial moves leading up to sex and seem to be watching your reaction to their fumbling about? Do they have friends? Sociopaths and Narcissists don't have any. We always think people are real like us, but these characters take your love, money, time, and are deceitful and manipulative. Never have any man manage your money, they can take it all. Don't think you can't be fooled. They have very distinguished jobs as VPs of businesses or institutions that we trust in our society. You can't imagine the resume of the guy I got out of my life. You are merely a supply and they can be sleeping with six people at once. More than once this pathological liar had the cell to his ear the minute my door shut! They have no conscience, values, or morals. You mean nothing to them. Just be careful!

— Anne, 31

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