It's So Wrong

I met this guy, and he is quite a bit younger than me. I am friends with his mother, and my son is his friend. The most difficult thing I am dealing with is the fact that I am crazy about him. He is a very good-looking young man, and I am married to this fool who doesn't know how to treat a good woman. So. I need servicing every once in a while. I know that this is wrong in every way. However, I just cannot keep my mind off him. I find myself wanting to just let the whole world know that I care deeply for him, but I can't. Morally, the whole thing is so wrong. He surprises me in the bedroom and in other ways as well. My husband doesn't have a clue as to how to please me. His biggest fantasy is to have sex missionary-style for about two minutes and then it's off to lala land. What a waste. What do I do?

— Olivia, 40

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