Sticking It Out For What?

Well, here it is. I have been married for eleven years now. We have been having problems in our marriage for four years, but we have been sticking it out for our three boys. I met this guy online three years. I fell in love with him. I now have a child with him and, no, my husband has no idea the fourth child is not his. This guy lives over a thousand miles away. In the beginning, he wanted me to tell my husband about the son but then decided not to because he didn't want the other three children to be torn away from there father. Yet, he doesn't want to be responsible for his. So, now he has decided to stop all communication between us, and now I'm so lost and confused. I want to tell my husband everything, but I'm afraid it would break his heart knowing that this child really isn't his.

— Lisa, 35

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