Not Naturally Monogamous

There is no such thing as adultery in the real (natural) world, only the artificial (faux) world humans make up. God made nature. Anything natural is God's creation. Most free people enjoy reading confessions because God made them enjoy the nature God created for them. Homo Sapiens are not naturally monogamous. Our closest relative in the animal kingdom is a Bonobo. They enjoy making love all the time as a part of social cohesion. Fact is, forced or systemic monogamy is probably a sin, thanks to allowing flawed genes to have a much improved chance to procreate. People should feel free to love and to love all, as long is it does not involve young'ns and as long as it is practiced openly and safely. Remember, diseases are something that only got into high gear in civilization when the natural planet became over-populated with Homo Sapiens.

— Olivia, 21

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