Worth The Wait

Eleven years ago, I met my soul mate. It was honestly love at first sight for both of us. I was fifteen, he was nineteen. My parents didn't agree with the age difference and demanded that we split up. He moved away to try and start his new life, and I was stuck in our hometown. Six months after he moved, I met the man that I would eventually marry. He's not a bad man, just not the right one for me. We are currently divorcing, and we share a three-year-old son. Out of the blue, I ran into my ex-boyfriend's best friend at a bar. I had him give me my ex's phone numbers, but I never called. I couldn't. I was afraid that he would crush me. Finally, I did call, and he didn't answer! I never left him a message because if he didn't call me back, I would have been crushed. I just kept trying every once in awhile. I said to myself that the last time I called, if he didn't answer, I would give up forever. He answered, and he's been in my life as my boyfriend, my best friend, and my lover ever since then. It's like we were never apart, and yet I'm so happy that we were. We both grew up so much in the time we were apart. Now, every time we are together, we have mind-blowing sex, and he takes care of my every need. Sometimes, the wait is worth it.

— Virginia, 26

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