Dress Up Friends

On my birthday, I invited my best friend whose name is Craig to go with me to the unisex salon for a massage. I was just taking my top off when he came in and saw me. I had no bra on and I was popping out. It ended up that he had to massage me as the therapist there said that we looked too kinky. He was so sexy. He massaged my rear first and turned me over and did my waist. Then he did my breasts. He loved doing my breasts. We did not have sex as we were still best friends. But he does come home when my parents are away to give me a massage. Also, whenever there is a party, be it my house or somewhere else, he comes over, strips me completely, kisses my breasts thoroughly, and chooses the dress I should wear. Then he dresses me up including doing my hair and makeup. He also enjoys exposing me at the parties by pulling up my shirt and playing with my breasts. We are still good friends, and he still does the same.

— Luanne, 19

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