Loaded With Personality

I enjoyed being single. Partly because my two serious relationships dumped me for other women, and also because they broke up in very mean ways both times. I never wanted another boyfriend. I was sick of being abused. Then this really, really cute guy loaded with personality walked into my place of work one day. He waited for me to get off work so that he could talk to me. He didn't ask me out, but he enjoyed talking to me. He continued to come in once a week for two months, and he would stay and talk to me. He flirted with me, became jealous of every man who talked to me, told me all of his personal business, and told me not to date other guys. He basically did all of the boyfriend stuff, you name it, except he would never ask me out. The interest and attraction was clear. I really got the message, but still no date. Friends told me he was shy and that I needed to make the first move. Then one day I asked HIM what he was doing for a weekend, even though he asked me that all the time. He told me he was doing nothing except for playing golf with men from his church. Then he told me he was a very religious guy. I then asked him if he had a girlfriend since he had never really told me, although he told me everything else. He said no, but he also said he didn't want one because he needed to fix his life first so that he wouldn't mess anyone else up. He then dropped the subject and continued right on with the flirting, the touching, and the leading me on. He then happily said he would be back in next week to talk to me again. That Sunday, I stopped by his church to see if I would run into him. Guess what? The parishioners gave me dirty looks when I asked for him. They gave me the third degree about who I was and said that he left with his "really great" girlfriend, one that he had been with for a long time! Next time I see a guy that acts like that I will know what that means!

— Rebecca, 39

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