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Not My Type
I met this super sweet and, not to mention, hot guy! He seemed to be perfect. That is, until one Friday night at the mall. We were walking hand in hand and I was looking at this really cute skirt. I stopped to look, but he pulled me with him as he tripped over a baby stroller. We both ended up on the ground and I ended up with my face under his arm pit, which reeked with body odor. My legs were also spread apart (I was wearing a skirt). Then, he stuck his head up under my skirt, thinking I was purposely spreading them apart. I closed my legs, which smashed his head. To make it even worse, he stood up and reached down to help me up, but as he did that, he drooled all over my new boots. So, instead of being a perfect guy, he ended up to be a clumsy, smelly, spitting pervert, which is definitely not my type! -- Melanie, 19
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