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The Spiritual Path to Physical Ecstasy

By Patty Lamberti

Sometimes wham-bam thank you ma'ams are raucous fun. But sometimes you crave more intimacy from your partner. Practicing the art of tantric sex can help a couple find a spiritual connection in the bedroom. If you're like most people, all you know about tantric sex is that Sting and his wife Trudie Styler have been practicing it for years (Sting can reportedly have sex for hours before orgasming).

We don't have room to go into all the details about tantric sex. Here are the basics: Tantra finds its roots in Hindu and Buddhist sects in India. It is not a religion. One doesn't have to adopt a spiritual belief system. Tantra is merely a complement to any lifestyle. It's a way and a path. Part of that path is practicing tantric sex, which means using rituals to find a balance between sexuality and spirituality. So if you want to bring some spirituality into the bedroom, copy the way tantric sex practitioners perform a "Maithuna," a sexual union.

Mentally Prepare. Sit cross-legged on your bed naked. Try to imagine your "third eye" an inch in front of your forehead. Imagine this eye looks like the flame of a candle. Imagine the flame flicker, dance around and hiss. Doing this helps all other thoughts in your mind fade away, so that you are still inside.

Physically Prepare. No sexual encounter can be considered tantric if it doesn't involve ritual bathing. Bathing is symbolic of preparing the temple of your body for a feast. Lather a rich scented soap over your body. Admire your curves and uniqueness. Pay special attention to your erogenous zones. They are the seats of your sexuality. Let the water wash away the suds. (For bonus points, shave all, we mean all, areas of your body. It will heighten sensitivity for both you and your partner). Dry your body with a clean, thick towel. Then put on a silk robe, or approach your partner naked.

Prepare the room. Light two candles. A flame represents spiritual surrender. Dim or turn off the lights. Put on one cd in your stereo (preferably earthy music) and press repeat so that it plays over and over. Set the volume low. The music should pulsate slowly with a 1:1 rhythm. Later when you begin foreplay and making love, your movements should reflect this rhythm.

Before beginning, share a light meal that honors Earth with your partner. Try fruit or cheese. Drink one glass of red wine, the ultimate tantric drink because its color represents blood, our life flow.

Share. If either of you are preoccupied with any matter, share what's on your mind. Let your problems off your chest so that you can fully concentrate on the upcoming ritual. This will help you achieve a sense of oneness with your partner. His worries are yours, yours are his.

You know how to do the rest.

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