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Sensual, Sexy Bedroom Resolutions
by Dena Brooker

In this article...
 Sensual, Sexy Bedroom Resolutions
 Resolve to Communicate
 Resolve to Make a Sexy Change
 Resolve to Create Anticipation
Resolve to Make a Sexy Change

Now that you're both willing to break out of your sexual rut, taking baby steps will minimize anxiety and maximize pleasure. "Don't dive immediately into meeting him at the train station wearing a trench coat and nothing else, because that's a little much," says Lloyd. "But part of what spices up your sex life is something different."

Lure your mate onto the living room floor — in the middle of the day. If you're the flannel pajamas type, try spiked heels and a sexy negligee. Buy a different scent or body wash, so when you climb into bed you will smell like a new woman. "Even changing sides of the bed," says Lloyd, "can make an amazing difference."

But you'll never get to model your new lingerie if you don't create time for sex. So go for it with our next resolution.


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