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Over-Spiced Wife
Just to spice our sex up, I started talking dirty to my wife. She took it very well and wanted to try sex wearing sexy clothes and undies. Just to warm up, I got her several thongs and a couple of not-too-long skirts. Soon she became a "quickie-from-behind" lover type of girl. A couple of weeks ago, she went to work wearing thongs underneath a knee-long skirt just to be ready for an after work quickie. When preparing her 4:00 p.m. coffee on the kitchenette counter and reaching high for a cup in the upper cabinet, her boss noticed her bare buttocks and decided to touch. She so desired a quickie after work that she stayed quiet and didn't even turn around for a moment. Her boss interpreted her silence as a green light and continued inward. She couldn't help letting him go forward. When she came around, she was doing it from behind over the counter at work. She felt so guilty she just begged me not to blame her and asked me to have sex with her once and again until forgetting. -Hank, 41
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