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Weekend Female Morph
Every weekend in the summer I become Gloria, the sexy business lady. On Friday night, I shave off all my body hair. Then I bathe in perfumed water. I also do my nails. I love red nail varnish and so do my men. I put on full make up and dress in my sexiest satin lingerie. I love sheer tights which I actually wear all the time under my trousers when I'm in the office. On weekends, I sometimes wear a fishnet body stocking. I put on my blonde wig and my high heels, and I drive out in my car. I love to walk in the remote countryside and sometimes I meet lovely men or other t-girls. My all time best experience was with an older transvestite who let me do things to her. I meet her every so often, and we kiss for hours in the back of her car. -Turner, 59
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