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Older And Finer
Since I was thirteen, my parents have been friends with a neighbor down the street. He is my dadís age, forty-nine, and I always had this crush on him since I was fifteen. I am now nineteen. About a month ago, he came over to hang out with my dad here at the house. Well, my parents had left for an out-of-town wedding, so they werenít going to be home until the next day. I needed him to carry jugs of water into the house which were too heavy for me. I was wearing a mini-skirt with a tank top. I bent over to get him a glass of water. I noticed him taking a peek down under. So, I gave him his water, and he drank it. I had my keys in my hand. I "accidentally" dropped them and bent over to where my butt popped straight into his area. I felt his penis move a little. I turned on the music and started dancing with him very provocatively. Before we knew it, I was giving him oral. Next we had sex the whole night. It was amazing. We had eight orgasms within six hours, and much more oral in between. Since I'm out of school now, he comes over during the day twice a week for more. -Glenna, 19
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