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Dating Disasters

Finally Dating Again
I am thirty-six years old and single, but Iím dating because I need to. I was in a booty-call relationship for five years. When he called it off and I confessed my love for him, he ran! He wants nothing to do with me! He will not talk to me or even acknowledge my existence. It has been over two years. Finally, I have started dating someone. I don't find him really attractive, but he is a very nice guy. However, a guy friend has come back into my life from ten years of not seeing each other. He has since been married and divorced for a year now. He is dating, also. I am very close to him. We are like best of friends. We laugh, get mad, and talk about our mistakes and hopes in our lives. He knows I have strong feelings for him, and he reminds how ten years ago I had a crush on him. I am starting to dream about him and want to be with him. Iím too scared to say anything to him for fear I will lose such a great friendship. -Betty, 36
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