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Caught Crossdressing
I have enjoyed wearing women's clothes, but was afraid for my wife to catch me. I thought I was careful, but one day I fell asleep wearing her panties, pantyhose, heels and dress. She woke me up after taking pictures of me and sending them to her friend. I was afraid and angry that she had shared an embarrassing picture of me. Her friend came over immediately to see me in the dress. When she came in, I was asked to parade around, showing off my feminine side. My wife was very critical, but her friend found it fun and exciting. She thought I looked quite sexy and asked if she could touch me. My wife said yes, and her friend walked over towards me. I became excited and her friend smiled. My wife lifted my skirt to see how excited I was. Her friend stopped her and said she wanted to play. The three of us gave each other pleasure until we were all tired and happy. My wife now encourages me to cross-dress and even buys me sexy clothes to wear. -Markus, 32
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