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I've been bisexual as long as I can remember. I'm forty-nine now, and we were married twelve years ago. I told her I'm bi, and she understood. After a few years, I was really wanting some guy play time. She used toys to help, but wasn't much her thing. So, she finally agreed I could have a regular friend to play with. Well, he and I have been pretty regular for about three years now. She's not involved with us, but she does know when I play with him as I have to get her permission. Now she's curious to have a threesome with us, but she says all the focus will be on her pleasure. It excites me knowing that she knows I'm having sex with him. And when we're together late, she makes fun of how I walk telling me it must have been a good one. She'll also call me a sissy. -Eric, 49
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