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Dating Disasters

Women In Uniform
Ever since a police woman visited our house to speak to my parents, and I got a peek of her stocking top, I have always lusted after women in uniform. I have tried it on a few times, without success, until last week when I had sex with the local traffic warden. She is fifty-two with a nice full figure. I have chatted to her a few times, but on Friday I asked her to have lunch with me. She agreed. As it was her half-day off, she was still in her uniform. We were having a brandy after lunch when I slipped my hand up her leg to her stocking top. She said, “Not here.” So, we went for a drive. I pulled into a lay by on the edge of some woods, and I lowered her car seat. I got in position and we had sex. I drove her home and noticed as she walked up the road that one of her stockings was torn. I have sex with her in a mate’s flat when he is at work. He wants to watch, but I’m not into that. -Barry, 43
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