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I Will Always Love Her
I have to confess I had a relationship with my best friend and business partner’s wife. She was and still is a beautiful sexy woman, ten years my junior. After their third child, she had her breasts done and they are spectacular! Just after 9/11 she was home alone, hubby stranded in Florida, and she called me over one night. She was definitely a little tipsy; we made out and then were in the middle of taking it further, her middle daughter came down stairs and caught us. “Mom, what’re you doing?” “I had to help Uncle; he’s better now.” We said goodbye because that was enough for one night. The next day, I went back over when the kids were in school and we went to the spare bedroom to make love. Initially, she wanted to do it in the master bedroom, but I couldn’t do that to my buddy. Whether by coincidence or otherwise, she gave birth to their last child, the only boy, just a little over nine months later. We all call him Jr. Thankfully, we’re still great friends and I can do whatever I want to his wife when he’s not around. Though we’ve never had sex again, we will pleasure each other on occasion. I’ll always love that woman. -George, 48
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