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It was our twenty-first wedding anniversary, and my wife and I were staying at a hotel near the beach. Some friends of ours stopped by for the day, and we all went to the beach together. There was lots of flirting and sexual innuendo throughout the day, and I was feeling really horny by the time we got back to the hotel. When we got to the hotel, my friend, Roy, asked my wife, Gretchen, if she needed any help changing. She accepted his offer, and I said not without me being there to watch. Roy, Gretchen, and I walked into the room. Roy's wife had gone to their car to take a call, so it was just the three of us in the room. Roy and I had towels around our waist and removed our swim suits from under the towels. Roy then went over and untied my wife's top. I was immediately excited. Gretchen started to get cold feet and tried to go into the bathroom to finish changing. Before she could leave the room, I wrestled her to the bed, and Roy pulled off her bikini bottoms. She only protested a little, and I could tell she really liked being naked in front of both of us. As she laid there naked, I felt a tug at my towel and was completely exposed. My friend had pulled off my towel. What a complete rush. I immediately had sex with my wife. Then I rolled off and told Roy to have a turn. They then had sex. I was completely amazed and awed by this unplanned act. Gretchen went into the bathroom for a quick shower, and we got dressed. About ten minutes later, Roy’s wife came up to the room, but not a word was spoken about what had just happened. -Chip, 42
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