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Dating Disasters

My wife regularly visits a masseur as she has a bad back. I fantasized a lot about her being touched in her most private areas during the massage. On her 39th birthday, I decided to hire a home masseur for her. I got her an erotic massage, but she didn't know. I also paid the man extra so he would go as far as possible with her. I set up a hidden camera that fed live footage to my laptop. Well, the massage was an awesome experience for her. She got so worked up that she not only allowed him to touch her private parts, she removed his clothes and proceeded to have sex with him. Afterwards, I asked her how her massage was. She grinned and said it was very nice. To this day, she hasn't told me she had sex and we have hired this masseur again twice. Every time, she keeps her little secret. Next time, I plan on joining in. I can't wait. -Ray, 41
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