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Dating Disasters

Girlfriend’s Mom
My girlfriend and I are freshman at college. We've been dating nearly three months. She recently invited me to go home with her for the weekend and meet her mom; her dad is deceased. When we got to her house, her mother met us at the door. I could not believe what I was seeing. Here's this ultra-attractive woman in her late thirties dressed in a short skirt, sheer nylon blouse, stockings, and high heels. She was wearing a burgundy brassiere and the view was awesome. She knew I was turned on by her appearance. She flaunted her sexuality all weekend. I was in a constant state of excitement all the time. I pleasure myself often to the thought of having sex with my girlfriend's mom, but not my girlfriend. Here's hoping the future will provide me with the fulfillment of my fantasies. -Alec, 19
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