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Wife Swimming In Panties
My wife and I stayed a few days with my elderly widowed uncle. He has a small pool at his house and on the second day of our stay, my wife said she'd like to take a swim but had no bathing suit. My uncle's late wife was a large woman and nothing of hers was the right size. In the end, my wife swam in her white cotton panties and singlet as he and I just sat around the pool. When she got out of the water, just about nothing was left to the imagination. Her panties and top clung to her like a second skin, outlining and highlighting absolutely everything. My uncle, who is about seventy, couldn't take his eyes of her. He teased her and told her she should sunbathe nude to get an even tan. My wife had enjoyed a couple of wines over lunch and, with her inhibitions down, she stripped off her top and did a little dance/parade thing for us in just her panties. I could tell he was really enjoying it, and I was so turned on at my wife nearly naked in front of him, I just encouraged her to do whatever. She ended up sitting like that in his lap most of that afternoon. On our way home a couple of days later, she told me she'd left her panties behind for him. Now I constantly fantasize about her having sex with him. -Tim, 43
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