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I love to take my girl of the moment to the end, take her to where she can lustfully enjoy the physical side of sex guilt free. I have been given the opportunity many times to seduce my girl to do things she likely would not otherwise. I am cunning with it, shaping our discussion bit by bit, explaining the animal instinct in all of us in an understandable and desirable fashion. This may sound crude, but I have had some women wildly turned on by my request to them. I enjoy making room for my girl to have sex with abandon. In all cases, after I get them to the point of allowing me to have my way with them, sell them, and trade them; they revel in it. I have never had one woman yet deny that it is something they like very much. And who wouldnít? Two or three guys taking her to that place she only imagined possible before. It excites me too, and turns me into a maniac; a primal urge created out of pure male competition. Isnít nature great when you know how to harness it? She loves it all, getting the guys, having me on turbo; what a sweet deal for her. Does this happen often? I myself do not know for sure, mainly because guys have their insecurities. For me, I canít wait for my next one; sheís going to have a great time. -Roy, 37
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