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Dating Disasters

Caught Flirting
My wife's best friend caught me flirting with a girl at work. I did not know I was caught and I had no intentions of doing anything wrong. I was just flirting. I did not know Christine told on me either. When I got home, my wife wanted to play games and told me she knew. She said if I followed her orders, it would be okay. She then dressed me in lingerie; the whole nine yards, corset, panties, stockings, and heels. She then gave me a spanking. During the spanking, in walks Christine. I was humiliated. When I tried to cover up, Christine grabbed me by the hair and dragged me toward her. When I was on my knees in front of her, she lifted up her skirt to reveal she had a strap-on. They made me give oral to it; calling me a flirt, a tease, and other names. I have learned my lesson and it turned out to be the greatest night of my life. I now have to wear panties 24/7; they say it will keep me from flirting. -Aaron, 24
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