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Dating Disasters

I'm So Weak
Fellas, the woman I'm going to tell you about is so sexy. Juicy lips, great butt, curvy hips. She is as bad as hell. Since day one of my marriage, she has been at my house every weekend for the past five years. Flirting, touching, and staring into my eyes. It's crazy. I know I can get her in the sack at anytime I want; I'm just afraid of the aftermath. The relationship between my wife and her would be shattered. My family would be gone. We both have a lot on the line if we take that next step. I'll tell you this; I'm getting weaker and weaker by the day. Plus, it's exciting to see a woman stare at your package. Damn, I wonder what she is thinking. Maybe she's thinking what I'm thinking when stare at her "hind parts." -Ian, 30
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