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Dating Disasters

No Other Like Her
When I was twenty-three and still in college, I dated a beautiful Indian girl from Bombay. She was the most beautiful girl I have ever been with. Our romance started by her asking me out and me responding that I was not going to be in town. I changed my plans, and we went out. Our chemistry together was so strong that after only one cup of coffee, we were making out like long lost lovers. We used to have the most wonderful nights together. They were very sensual and meaningful. She was very daring, but the most we could do upon her request was to satisfy ourselves orally and by heavy rubbing and petting. When I graduated, we went camping and started with some heavy petting and rubbing. She gave the most incredible oral, and I returned the favor. Our romance continued even after I went back to my home town and she had gone to Rome for the summer. She was unfortunately taken away from me during her trip. I was so stupid that despite our strong connection, I did not know how to say I love you. I am married now and have a child, but I will never love my wife like I loved her. I still miss her to this day. -Jordan, 37
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