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Out Of Control
I've had a huge panty fetish since I was in my teens. I like to wear them sometimes, but have generally kept it under pretty good control, until a couple weeks ago. My mother-in-law was out of town and I had to do some household chores for her. I went there and began to get curious to see what kind of panties an attractive forty-eight year old wears. But, it first occurred to me that I should go see if my wife's sister had left any behind in her old room. I proceeded to find a half dozen pairs, which I tried on one by one until I pulled a beautiful yellow thong on began to pleasure myself with another pair. After completing all my chores, I remembered my mother-in-law and snooped in her room. At first I didn't find any, as she had taken most out of town with her. I checked one last drawer and was pleased to find a sexy, satiny pair on top. I stripped down again, and slipped them on. They felt so good! I then pulled them off and used them to pleasure myself to the thought of doing her. The next morning, I took a pair of my bosses wife's from their motor home and used them, too. So much for having it under control! Three pairs of panties from three women used to pleasure myself three times in just over twelve hours! -Grant, 31
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