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Defending British Men
My wife and I were staying as guest at a friend's house for the weekend. It was a bit of a drunken weekend and one afternoon my wife and I were in their sauna with another guest. He was Italian and we were all a bit tipsy. My wife had been flirting with him all weekend. We were all chatting away and before long the subject matter turned to sex. He was teasing me saying that British men were prudes, and my wife was joining him in the tease. In a drunken moment, to defend us British men, I said he and my wife could make out and I would watch. My wife jumped at the chance, stood up, let her towel drop to the floor, and started to kiss and fondle him. I just watched in amazement, but I was determined not to give in. For the sake of proving a point, I sat and watched the guy have sex with my wife right in front of me; it was the biggest turn on of my life. -Simon, 35
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