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Dating Disasters

The Costume That Started It All
One year, I dressed up like a little slut for a Halloween party. I put on a pair of satin, string panties, a black bra, a garter belt, thigh-highs, heels, a mini-skirt, and a sweater. Then, I put on make up, too. Wow, did I get excited! Then, at the party, some woman saw me. She introduced herself to me and said she was turned on by me dressed up. She told me to go upstairs. Then she told me not to take anything off. She pulled my panties to the side to get to my manly thing, and she gave such great oral. I didnít last long since I had been excited all day while I was dressed up. So, guys, try this. Now, I wear panties and bikinis all day long, too. -Luther, 39
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