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Iíve been married for six years now. Iíve gotten to know her family really well, and Iíve always had a thing for my wife's aunt. She is forty years old with a nice piece of ass. Sheís married, and her husband works about thirty minutes from home. Heís never their midday. My job is basically driving around and checking on the stores in the area. I started stopping by at lunch time just to spend some time with her alone. She doesnít work and is usually at home while her kids are at school. She didnít think much about me coming over. I would keep her company, talk with her, eat lunch, and then I would leave. After a few visits, she was really getting to like me, and I noticed she would be more playful around me. One day, she was wearing small shorts and a shirt with no bra. Around the house when we would stand next to each other, there would be a lot of rubbing into each other. She would clearly try to stand in front of me to rub her butt against me. She would pick things up right in my face where I could get a good look at her chest. Sheís not tall. Sheís only about five feet, three inches, and a hundred and fifty pounds. She has a big ole butt. Up to that point, I had a lot of excitement from checking her out. There was just a feeling that we both wanted something. We were just standing around talking, and she pulled up close to me and asked if I had a big package. I didnít expect that from her. I smiled and asked why. She said, ďBecause it looks like you do.Ē I asked her if she liked it. She said, ďI donít know. I havenít tried it yet,Ē looking at me with a horny look. We got together and started kissing, tongue and everything. I was holding her close to me while feeling her. She said, "You like that?" I said, ďHell, yes.Ē She started reaching for my pants, unhooked them, and pulled my boxers down. I was just smiling and looking at her really having fun with it. I brought her up and took off her shirt and bra, and then we had sex right there on the floor. We stayed there for a while, but then we started realizing what we had done. Quietly and kind of embarrassed, we got dressed. I told her I had to go. She gave me a kiss and said bye. To this day, I still hit that when I get the chance. -Abraham, 26
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