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Dating Disasters

Watched by Strangers
A few years back my wife accompanied me to some classes that I had to take for my job. We had to travel about one hundred and fifty miles from home. We found where the classes were going to be held and then found a motel to stay in. We then went out to eat and, after a few glasses of wine, we returned to the motel. We decided to go to the hot tub and hang out for a while. No one else around and the wine affecting my wife; she started acting sexy towards me. We finally decided to go back to our room. She commented that it was funny that they didn't have anyone watching the hot tub in case someone got hurt. I then told her that they didn't need anyone there because of the they watched everything on closed circuit TV. She about had a heart attack knowing that everything that she did was watched by strangers. -Max, 44
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