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Wild Love Confessions

Love, Lust, & Revenge
Overreacting to Previous Breakups? Youíre Just Gonna Fail Faster
If youíre setting too many rules to try to avoid repeating the past, you might sabotage yourself by appearing totally off limits and off dating. So take it easy with the rebound rules. More »
The Way That Youíre Moviní Reveals When Youíre Grooviní
Youíre subconsciously transmitting how you feel with your body language. So stand up straight (or not) and look your lover in the eye. More »
Even if You Don't Have a Sweetheart, You Can Still Be One
Banish lonely hearts on Valentine's Day by being the sweetest friend. More »
Suspend Superstition
Fess up to your affection and throw superstition to the wind. More »
Doesnít Everybody Love Dogs and Kids?
Itís good to seek out similar souls, but donít demand acceptance of your outstanding offspring and your prize pets when youíve just started dating. More »
Dreaming of the One That Got AwayÖ
You didnít ride off into the sunset together, so stop wishing for a do-over. Instead, do something to move forward. More »
Get Smart (On Your Next Date)!
You've met for coffee and drinks, caught a movie. What's left to do on your dates? More »
Is the Time Right?
Every couple should wait for the "right time" to get physical. But that "right time" may vary wildly. How can you tell? More »
Can You Date a Friendís Ex?
When your friend calls it quits with that hot lover youíve been lusting after, should you swoop in or stay clear? That depends on some aspects of the friendship and the broken relationship. More »
Hold Out for the Whole Package
You donít have to settle for two out of three good qualities. Instead, wait for someone who embodies all your deepest desires. More »
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Wild Love Confessions

Love, Lust, & Revenge
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