When Your Sweetie Is Sick...

Some guys become gruff grumpy bears when they're sick with a cold, or worse. Others act like they're dying and can't lift a finger to get their own drink or even get the remote for the TV.

Some gals pretend they're Wonder Woman and can do anything, despite looking like death warmed over. Others take to the bed for days and you might as well not exist.

So how do you handle your honey's illness without get sick and tired yourself?

First, you have to learn your partner's sickypoo style. And then you have to figure out how best to deal with the side effects--how it affects you!

Whiny Baby
Girls and guys can become big babies when they get sick. They want to be waited on and treated like they're extra special.

You'll hear things like, "I really want a gallon of double-fudge caramel peppermint ice cream from the store 20 miles away. I know it's freezing outside, but I really think that's what I need to feel better. Is that too much to ask?" Or, "I really wish I had your beef stew right now. It only takes you a few hours to make, right, honey? Can't you skip playing cards with your friends and cook for me?"

If you don't accommodate your infantile ill one, watch out when you get sick! You'll never hear the end of the bitter playback. If you can, you'd better go the extra mile and make your baby smile.

Grouchy Hermit
Some sick sweeties will just become ill all the way around. When you offer to get your partner something to eat or drink, you get the look that says, "Leave me alone and stop waking me up!" This type wants to hibernate, but is bound to start complaining if abandoned for too long.

When this grump is sick, you're darned if you do and darned if you don't. Your best bet is to peek in the bedroom door occasionally, give a sympathetic smile and blow a kiss. Then go back to your happy place until it's all over.

Champion of Denial
Some sweeties will simply deny that they're sick, despite the evidence. The watery eyes, the red and runny nose, the snotty cough and the piles of tissues mean nothing. These persevering partners will keep going and going and going, until they conk out! When they go down for the count, it's lights out for a long time.

For this type, the mantra, "I'm not sick, I'm not sick, I'm not sick," turns into, "I can't get out of bed, I can't move, I can't talk." By ignoring the symptoms, your sweetie turns a minor skirmish into a major assault. When this stalwart lover gets sick, you'd better be ready to serve. The denial makes it so much worse when the reality hits home. When the bed rest finally begins, this one really needs your loving attention.

Universal Care
No matter how your honey behaves when sickness strikes, be sympathetic and show you care, in whatever way works. No one needs an "I told you so" lecture when they're under the weather. Instead, show your "I love you so" face and demonstrate your masterful massage skills. Hot liquids and a warm touch are almost always welcome.

If you want a healthy relationship, you've got to learn to manage your sweetie's sickness well.

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