The Art of Sensual Stripping

Since the day man first donned clothes, couples have been coming up with sexy ways of removing them. While we can't argue with the appeal of just ripping your clothes off in your haste for a hot sack session, sometimes it's just as appealing to revel in the aesthetics of a slow, sensual strip tease. Here's everything you need to know to master this time-honored form of erotic entertainment.

Work Your Wardrobe Malfunctions

Obviously, you're going to need to give some thought to the threads you'll be shedding. Pick something that's sexy, but doesn't make you feel uncomfortable (but do be willing to sacrifice a little comfort for artistic purposes — like teetering on those sky-high stilettos or donning a top hat). Remember that convenience is key: you don't want to be struggling with too-tight pants, yanking a pullover off your head or hopping around trying to remove your socks. Not sexy.

Find Your Rhythm

Don't limit yourself to a particular genre, just pick whatever music — literally — moves you. Look for something with a beat that gets your hips swiveling and puts that gleam in your eyes. If it's classic burlesque or Frank Sinatra that does it for you, fine, but don't worry if you find that the The Ramones are what really get you going.

Master the Moves

Forget trying to one-up Fred Astaire, just enjoy the music, cast plenty of come-hither eye contact, and make your moves. Vary the tone and tempo of your stripping — maybe by slowly slipping a shirt over your bare shoulder, but zinging down your zipper. Feel free to strut around your audience, but always stay tantalizingly just out of reach.

Really Feel It

The cardinal rule of stripping: if you feel hot, you look hot. Think of the best sex of your life while working your clothes off. Then straddle your lucky audience member and get swept away.

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