Secrets to Sweet Talkin'

Any woman who's spent any time in the dating trenches can tell you that the way of the genuine compliments are nearing extinction. Choruses of "hey, baby, you lookin' fine" have replaced actual sentiments of appreciation.

Since when did drunken leering qualify as sincere flattery?

It's easy to hide behind a few drinks and some machismo, but being able to give an honest compliment will win you far more affection.

Put some sugar in that sweet talk with...

Honesty. If you don't actually mean it, don't actually say it. A woman can sniff out insincerity faster than a shoe sale. And try not to preface anything with "hey baby".

Specifics. The problem with most lines is that they're just that - lines. If we've heard you say the same thing to the last three girls who walked by, we're hardly going to be impressed. So, instead of throwing out a general 'you're looking hot tonight', try admiring her ring or beautiful green eyes.

Meaning. If you're romancing your sweetie, pick something that means something to her. While we all love to hear you think we're gorgeous, we want you to appreciate all our other fine qualities. But, make sure you pick something that you value, too (honesty, remember).

The Right Delivery. Look your target right in the eye (ahem, not a foot lower) and offer your sweet talk with a sincere smile. And hold off on the liquor. Sobriety makes any compliment infinitely more convincing.

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