If You Want to Keep Your Relationship Stable, Take Some Risks

Relationships can get mundane. It's no secret. But there is something you can do about it. Instead of trying to keep things calm and steady, consider shaking things up a bit.

Your lover wants to know that you're willing to change, willing to try something new. Naturally, you're going to think we're talking about bedroom activities. Not necessarily, although that can certainly help too!

Bring on the Bold
We're talking about keeping things lively in different ways, depending on what's important to you and your sweetheart. Maybe you need a relationship bucket list.

Bucket lists tend to reflect what's intriguing and important to the person who makes the list. You might write down 10 things you want to do before you die...or 20...or more. Those items reflect sometimes superficial desires and sometimes deep yearnings.

A relationship bucket list might start from those individual longings, but it should be created in partnership with your sweetie. How can you find some shared goals?

You might both sit down and brainstorm some things you'd like to do in the year or so. Then discuss them together, and figure out a list of experiences you can agree to try together.

Tolerate Uncertainty
Keep in mind that one person's adventure is another person's nightmare. We each have our own levels of risk tolerance. But also keep in mind that your partner wants to know that you're willing to take some chances to experience new things and stretch yourself.

It can be refreshing when your lover can be spontaneous and follow your spur-of-the-moment ideas. Strive for some of that too.

But sitting down and discussing a list of ideas for new adventures together will help you understand the possibilities while honoring one another's desires and limits.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
If you can agree on some exciting activities you want to explore together, try to alternate between those you find most interesting and those your sweetie most wants to investigate.

By sharing your daring dreams, you just might uncover some of your lover's hidden strengths. And possibly, you'll discover a brave new version of yourself. Then you can both bring a new level of excitement and satisfaction to your relationship.

Some risks can be very rewarding!

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