It Takes Two to Tango, but You Can Make the First Move

When your sweetheart's unhappy, you're unhappy, right? So take some responsibility for your lover's contentment, and you're bound to find that your whole relationship vibe improves.

What does that mean? It means you should put your partner first. Model the behavior you'd like to see in your lover. Read on for a few tips.

Make a Move #1
Hold back on the criticism and lay on the compliments. This doesn't mean being smarmy or fake. If your lover's wearing those shoes you hate, comment on the shirt and how much you like it. If your sweetie is starting a new hobby that bores you, praise the willingness to try something new. Focus on what you love about your honey, whether it's looks, actions, or attitude, and say it out loud!

Make a Move #2
Do things that you know will make your lover smile. That might mean showing up with fresh-picked flowers or taking the dog for a walk. It might mean cooking a special dinner or going to a movie that you feel only so-so about. Make an extra effort!

Make a Move #3
Stop irritating your sweetheart. If you know you're going to get nagged for throwing your towel on the floor, cut it out! Show your partner that you listen and care about his or her feelings and preferences. Even if you change one little habit, it can make a big difference! Make sure you emphasize that you embraced the change to make your sweetheart smile.

Make a Move #4
Finally, go out of your way to bring good vibes into the bedroom. Pay attention to what turns your lover on, and do it even better than before! Focus on a different move each time, and strive to bring the pleasure up a notch. You're bound to get some compliments for your sexy striving. And your bedroom bliss is sure to spill over into other areas of your relationship.

If you can make the first move and take responsibility for making your partner more contented, you'll reap the rewards in many happy returns.

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