Sack Savvy: The Hottest Moves

Touch body part A, kiss part B, insert C and repeat. Is your sexual repertoire starting to read like stereo instructions? We've got just the thing with seven sexy moves that we guarantee will heat up your lukewarm lovemaking. Is it hot in here?

Fiery Feat #1: Lend Yourself a Hand

The ladies will benefit from the extra stimulation and it's hot for him to watch. So call up your favorite fantasy and let your fingers do the walking.

Fiery Feat #2: Turn It Around

Girls, next time you're on top, try the "reverse cowgirl" position by turning around until you're facing your partner's feat. You'll get more out of the angle of his gyrations and he'll enjoy the view.

Fiery Feat #3: Wake Up

Next time you wake up in the middle of a hot dream, don't just fall back asleep smiling, roll over and nudge your partner awake for a little middle-of-the-night nookie. Sexy things can happen in that half-asleep haze and in the morning, your partner will wonder if it was all just a sweet dream.

Fiery Feat #4: Squeeze Please

Kegels, girls, kegels. Practice squeezing those sex muscles and you'll not only prime yourself for passion, you'll take him to a whole new level of lovemaking.

Fiery Feat #5: Ladies First

Fellas, make it a rule to get your girl off first. When she's loosened (and lubed) up, you'll put her in prime position for a multiple-peak night of passion. Plus, you'll intensify your own climax by focusing on her fun for awhile.

Fiery Feat #6: All Rise

Want your passion to feel more primal? Do it standing up. The trick to getting vertical? Guys, hold her at the back of her thighs, with her legs up and around you, and back her against the wall for leverage.

Fiery Feat #7: Tempting Temperatures

Entertain your nerve endings with a teasing change of temperatures. Heat up (with hot chocolate or a special lubricant) or chill (try ice or champagne) your mouth or hands before roaming your partner's erogenous zones.

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