His Top Sexual Complaints

Sure, he feels lucky he's getting any action at all. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have a few coital complaints. (But don't worry - he's not worried those extra pounds you've put on, or that you aren't flexible enough for half the positions in the Kama Sutra.)

You might just be surprised by what he's really griping about.

Gettin' Busy Grievance #1: You're a Know-It-All.

It was described to me this way: "Female inherent sexual prowess is a myth." In other words, you did not receive some kind of bedroom goddess certification with your Cosmo subscription (even though that's what their office may have you believe!) So stop assuming he doesn't know what he's doing and that you're some kind of sexual gift.

Gettin' Busy Grievance #2: When You Insist on "Making Love".

Yeah, soul-gazing seems sexy to you, but burning into his retinas for too many long minutes makes him seriously uncomfortable. All that meaningful eye contact feels too direct to him and puts on the pressure to perform. Though you may just be trying to express your innermost emotions with your eyes alone, he just wonders, "Am I not doing this right?"

Gettin' Busy Grievance #3: You're A Good Girl.

You'll only admit to half the guys you've really slept with, deny even being tempted to ever cheat, and swear your dating history is full of nothing but deep, meaningful relationships. He knows your virginal facade isn't any more believable than Britney Spears' was and he's tired of the act.

Gettin' Busy Grievance #4: You Have Too Many Rules.

You'll only make love with the lights off. And then only in one of your three accepted positions. You object to trying most new things with a litany of excuses - "That sounds silly," "You're perverted," or just plain "Ewww." Newsflash: uptight isn't sexy.

Gettin' Busy Grievance #5: You're Too Passive.

Don't just lie there, manhandle that man! Gentle caresses and tender kisses may be what get you hot, but your guy probably prefers you to get down and dirty to heat him up. He loves that animalistic side of you, so go all out with your lusty lovin'. He's strong enough to take a few nails scratched down his back or nibbles to his neck.

Gettin' Busy Grievance #6: You're Never in the Mood.

Being sexy isn't something you trot out once or twice a week for 30 minutes, it's an around-the-clock attitude. That means cutting out the tired excuses, too. Once you start putting of passion, it becomes a habit, so make sure you're infusing your daily routine with plenty of randy thoughts.

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